Beyza Feed Mill 21

Beyza Feed Mill 21 (Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company), was established in 2002 with the purpose of enhancing and updating animal husbandry by producing concentrate pellets in Fars Province, Sepidan Division, IranMeeting customers’ satisfaction, providing a diverse portfolio of products, preserving optimal quality, observing environmental regulations, and abiding by safety rules, professional sanitation principles, and food safety standards have been among the fundamental etiquettes for the company’s high-quality production. Shortly after one year, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company managed to employ state-of-the-art equipment and specialized human resources to implement its comprehensive poultry feed production lines.
In the same year, an advanced quality control laboratory was established in the factory, which is one of the important achievements of this industrial unit. After the implementation of the laboratory, all of production procedures including the input of raw materials, production process, and the output of products are all regulated under supervising and control. As of now, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company production of feed by pellet technology has reached an annual capacity of one thousand tons, which is among the most important achievements of the company at a national level.
In 2005, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company started an experimental research-based production of trout (Salmo trutta) feed by pellet technology for its own fish farm. Following that, in 2007, with collaboration of European consultants, the company implemented its 2nd phase as a development plan for the production of  aquatic animals using the state-of-the-art technology called extrusion. The new production plant put into operation in 2008. Presently, the capacity for extrusion-based production of  aquatic feed is over fifty thousand tons annually.
As an attempt to enhance its production quality and conducting research, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company has established several farms including a dairy cattle research farm with 100 units of cattle, a broiler chickens research farm with 20000 pcs, and a trout research farm with a capacity of 300 tons. Presently, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company can be regarded as the largest and most advanced company for the production of animal feed in Iran as the company is capable of satisfying a great proportion of breeders’ demands for livestock, poultry and aquatic species. By producing a wide variety of products during last 9 years, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company has been recognized as the superior producer by institution of Agricultural Jihad Organization, Iran Fisheries Organization, and Industry, Mines, and Trade Organization. More specifically, the company was recognized as the leading provincial producer from 2003 to 2010.
Furthermore, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company has been recognized as a model entrepreneur, employing over 130 employees in technical, specialized and labor sections.
Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company products are high in quality and variety. Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company is a credible and reputable producer among domestic farmers.

Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company products are:
Various livestock concentrates: diary cattle, baby calves, beef calves, sheep and goats, horses and camels.

Various poultry feed: broiler chickenegg-laying hens, mother hens, turkeys, partridges, quails, ostriches.      

Various fish feed for fresh water and salt water fish: ornamental fish, cyprinidae, Sturgeon, Marine fish, shrimps.

Various feed for laboratory animals and pets

To enhance its technical and specialized knowledge of its personnel and its customers of livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds, Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company holds training workshops with the collaboration of Agricultural Jihad and Fishery Organization. To perform ta better training courses, quality improvement committee of the company has been established to keep personnel, clients and those who are involved in the latest scientific findings, while suggesting the best ways possible for offering high-quality products to production lines technicians by analyzing customers’ needs and demands.
The Research and Development (RD) team is composed of most experienced experts in the Iranian industry who possess high academic ranks in their respective technical expertise.

Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company laboratory is equipped with the most advanced instruments such as NIR which can analyze raw materials and products within a very short time, reporting the results precisely to the experts. Presently, the company’s products are being sold even to farthest locations in Iran. At the same time, the quality of the products have met the satisfaction of foreign clients as the products are exported to different parts of the world.
One of  the unique specifications of Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company is the company’s observation of sanitation and management standards as well as consideration of innovation and creativity in production methods. The following facts represent some of these Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company features:
– Using high-quality raw materials in production of all products
– Sterilizing and disinfecting the trucks inputting raw materials before they enter the company
– Preserving raw materials in quarantine prior to the identification of their physicochemical properties
– Preventing thermal damage degrading nutrients during processing
– Preserving food durability during transportation and use in farms
– Using enriched process wastes in food production
– formulating diets by using specialized computer programs based on laboratory data
– Supervising and controlling quality of raw materials and products during the storage
– Delivering products to customers in standard packing with the date and hour of production and other details tagged on.
– Inspecting farms and providing technical recommendations on management, sanitation and nutrition to farmers of livestock, cattle and aquatic species, under the supervision of Iranian and foreign experts.

Beyza 21 Manufacturing Company

Leading producer and entrepreneur with integrated management systems:

HACCP – ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 22000 – OHSAS 1800